Keys Bridge in Flood 2014- Winning JADA entry


Emma Walker
2000          Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Art School, Sydney

1992          Diploma of Fine Arts, National Art School, Sydney

Awards and Residencies
2021          Joint winner, Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize

                  Artist in Residence, Glasshouse Regional Gallery

2017          Salon des Refusés, Wynne Prize, S.E. Ervin Gallery, Sydney

2014          Winner of the Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award (JADA).

2017          Paddington Art Prize, Sydney (finalist)                        

2013          Paddington Art prize, Sydney (Finalist)
2010          Paddington Art prize, Sydney (Finalist)
2008          Paddington Art prize, Sydney (Finalist)
                  Alice Prize, Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs (finalist)
2006          Norville Art prize, Murrurundi, NSW (finalist)
1995          Artist in residence, Hill End

Solo Exhibitions

2021          Distillations, Glasshouse Regional Gallery

                  Distillations, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney

2019          Dark Sublime, Lismore Regional Gallery

2018          Surface Immersion, Sydney Contemporary Art Fair - Arthouse Gallery

2017          Sediment Songs Coda, Grafton Regional Gallery

2016          Sediment Songs, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
2015          Intimate Immensity, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
2014          Art at the Airport, Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport
2013          Walk The Line, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2012          Finding Form, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2010          The Dawn Language, Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah
2010          Pollination, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2009          Silent Geography, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2008          Outliving The Night, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2007          New work, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2006          New paintings, King Street Gallery on Burton Sydney
2002          Floating World, , King Street Gallery on Burton Sydney
2000          From Little Things, Big Things Grow, King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney
1999          Tidal Fragments, Broken Bay, King Street Gallery, Sydney
1997          Somewhere To Fly, King Street Gallery, Sydney
1991          Pod Gallery, Sydney
Selected Group Exhibitions
2018          The Way You Came, Arthouse Gallery Sydney

                  An Invitation Not a Command, curated by Christine Willcocks, BSA Project Space

2017          Sydney Contemporary Art Fair - Arthouse Gallery

                  On Paper, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney

                  Summer 17, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
2016          Under The Sun, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
2015          Salon Des Refuses, S H Ervin Gallery, Sydney
                  Under The Sun 15, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
                  Unfolding Splendour, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
2014          Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Prize, Grafton Regional
                  Gallery, (Winner)
2013          Eternity, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney
                  Five Big Paintings, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney
                  A Quartet of Artists, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney
2012          From the Studio, Art Piece Gallery, Mullumbimby
2010          Paddington Art Prize, Sydney
                  Gallery artists, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2009          Summer Exhibition, gallery artists, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
                  The View From Here, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne, The Australian

                  Landscape, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney Australian Contemporary Art,

                  The Rotunda, Hong Kong 

2008          Solstice II, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
                  Paddington Art Prize, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney
                  Singapore Art Fair, Gaffer Studio
                  2x2, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
                  Surface Tension, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
                  Alice Prize Exhibition, Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs
                  Hong Kong Art Walk, Hong Kong
                  Contemporary Australian Art, Gaffer Studio, Hong Kong
                  “and the brightness      begins…”  Cape Gallery, Byron Bay
                  Treasures, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
                  Paint, John Gordon Gallery, Coffs Harbour
2007          Pure, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne
2006/7       Summer Show, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2006          Local Art, Lismore Regional Gallery at the Byron Bay Writers
2006          Norville Art Prize, Murrurundi
2005          Oceans 11, Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore, NSW
                  Group Show, King Street Gallery, Sydney
                  Last show of the year, King Street Gallery,Sydney
2003          Country energy art prize (highly commended) , Armidale
                  Regional gallery, NSW
                  330 show, King Street Gallery on Burton
2002          King Street Gallery at Span Galleries, Melbourne
2001          Monochromatic, King Street Gallery
                  Bat, Ball and Brush, A Summer of Cricket and Art at the S.C.G, Sydney
2000          Redlands Westpac Exhibition
                  Women and the Landscape, King Street Gallery on Burton
                  Things of Wood, King Street Gallery on Burton Sydney
                  Group show, King Street Gallery on Burton Sydney
1999          New 9, Sir Herman Black Gallery, Sydney University, Sydney
                  Last show of the year, King Street Gallery on Burton Sydney
1998          Our Collection-The Artists of Hill End, 1947 - 1998,
                  Bathurst Regional Gallery, NSW
                  Last show of the year,King Street Gallery on Burton Sydney
                  Gallery artists, King Street Gallery on Burton Sydney
1997          Gallery artists, King Street Gallery on Burton Sydney
                  Horizon Line, King Street Gallery, Newtown, Sydney
1996          Guitar Shaped World, Tamworth Regional Gallery, NSW
                  Fishers Ghost Prize, Campbelltown Regional Gallery, NSW
1995-96     The Artists of Hill End, Art Gallery of NSW, touring Bathurst;
                  Armidale; Broken Hill ; Ballarat Regional Galleries
1995          Fresh, (with Pamela Cowper), Gallery on Booth, Sydney
                  Alumni Exhibition, National Art School, Sydney
1994          Dissonance, Woollongong University Art Gallery, NSW
1992          Drawing Show, Pod Gallery
1988          Dua Bersama, (With Enrico Soekarno), Mitra Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
1986          Ad in Fine Art Um, Surry Street Gallery, Sydney
Macquarie Bank Collection, The Australia Club, Tamworth Regional Gallery, Bathurst Regional Gallery, Grafton Regional Gallery, Bond University Collection, Tweed Regional Gallery, Lismore Regional Gallery, Gold Coast Regional Gallery, Lowensteins Arts Management, Jackson Smith Solicitors, Sir Herman Black Gallery Collection, Sydney University, private Collections
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